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Hostel and Mess Rules

There are two hostels meant for boys students having 300 seats besides, the college hostels, students may stay in  a recognized residence near the college campus and out side each under the supervision of one superintendent and one Asst Superintendent. There are two ladies  hostels with 300 seats.

The principal is the administrative head of  all the hostels and is assisted in the general administration of the hostels by the superintendents.

Hostel rules:-

  1. Application for admission to a hostel should be addressed to the Principal in the prescribed form.
  2. Seats will be allotted by the Superintendents to those selected students who produce certificates of admission to the hostel from the Principal.
  3. Withdrawal from the hostel requires sanction of the Principal.
  4. The hostels will be closed during the Puja and Summer vacation. Only the examinees, who are regular students of the college, may be allowed to stay for a special part of the summer vacation with the prior permission of the Principal,on payment of hostel rent and establishment charges for the period of their stay. Messarrangements can not be provided during the summer vacation.
  5. The internal management  of hostels rests with the Superintendents.
  6. Roll call is taken thrice daily, Once in the morning, once in the evening and again at 10.30p.m
  7. There are fixed hours of study and meals. The time for study hours and meals is fixed by the superintendents.
  8. The following will be serious breach of discipline:
    1. Absence from hostel without leave.
    2. Continuous negligence of study.
    3. Want of cleanliness and tidiness in room.
    4. Absence and indiscipline during study hours.
    5. Bringing of papers or periodicalsnot authorized by the Superintendent into the hostell.
    6. The use of drugs, intoxicants and tobacco , smoking is prohibited.
    7. The introduction of any person not authorised by the superintendent to the hostel.
    8. Holding of any meeting in the hostels except with approval  of the Superintendents.
    9. Dislocation or dismantling of hostel and college electricity in any form.
    10. Taking part in any association/meeting or contact of guest for holding any meeting without the prior permission of Principal/Superintendents.
    11. The father and natural guardians of the boarders may be permitted with the previous sanction of the super intendent to reside in the hostel for one night, provided that the visit has reference to interest or welfare of the boarder as a pupil of the college.   
  1. The boarders are required to produce money receipts in supports of payments of hostel dues and mess dues of the previous month in the college office, other wise their tuition fees shall not be accepted and their names shall be struct off the college roll.

             Each hostel runs its own mess under the direct management of boarders of the hostel. It will be the responsibility of the boarders to run their own mess. The superintendents will only Supervise and assist in the running of the hostel mess.

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